Hong Kong Textbook Depicts 'Gun-Toting Mickey Mouse' as U.S. Invader

Hong Kong Textbook Depicts 'Gun-Toting Mickey Mouse' as U.S. Invader

A new Hong Kong public school textbook uses an image depicting a “gun-toting Mickey Mouse” to illustrate how multinational corporations enter developing countries and “invade local cultures,” the South China Morning Post (SCMP) reported Thursday.

“[A]n image in new teaching materials to be used in Hong Kong’s schools … depicts Mickey Mouse and Goofy lookalikes in military uniforms, fighter planes dropping hamburgers instead of bombs, and evil versions of McDonald’s characters Ronald McDonald and Grimace,” according to the Hong Kong-based SCMP.

“Accompanying the cartoon of the cultural invasion are teaching guidelines suggesting pupils can learn how multinational corporations entering local markets in developing countries have invaded local cultures. The message is largely one of anti-cultural imperialism,” SCMP reported after reviewing a preview of the high school textbook.

The book chapter in which the cartoon is featured “encouraged pupils to discuss Western influence on global values, as well as

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