Homan: States Can Divest from Companies Run by Woke CEOs

Homan: States Can Divest from Companies Run by Woke CEOs

The CEOs of many corporations seem to have confused themselves for lawmakers rather than businessmen.

“Woke” CEOs have decided to wage war on proposed and enacted policies of conservative states instead of focusing on the fiduciary responsibilities to their company and serving the interests of their shareholders. While woke CEOs have threatened — and followed through — to pull jobs and investments out of states that do not follow the liberal policies they support, Republican leaders, responding to these woke CEOs, have been inconsistent and unsure how to respond.

Former President Trump suggested boycotting these companies while other Republican leaders have been hesitant to respond out of deference to these companies because the employees and local communities — who have little say over what the woke CEO says — will suffer consequences.

But there is a course of action yet to be considered for those facing the ire,

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