Hollywood’s China Problem Unfolds In Ongoing Chloé Zhao Controversy

Hollywood’s China Problem Unfolds In Ongoing Chloé Zhao Controversy

Long before director Chloé Zhao made it big, she gave an interview to Filmmaker Magazine. Published in 2013, the article quoted Zhao, born to a wealthy family in China, saying “there are lies everywhere” in her home country. Now that she’s Oscar-nominated for “Nomadland” and has a big-budget Marvel movie set to premiere this fall, Zhao’s quote is gone from the Filmmaker article, and the small publication won’t say why.

The answer is pretty obvious. Beijing’s notoriously sensitive powerbrokers, of course, have already taken note. Disney badly needs access to the Chinese market when it comes to releasing “Eternals,” Zhao’s forthcoming Marvel film. Angered by Zhao’s prior sentiments, Chinese Communist Party sensors could imperil the “Eternals” release, blocking their citizens from interacting with the work of a perceivably hostile artist who left China and found success in the West. The government actually took steps to censor online chatter about Zhao and “Nomadland” in March.

That means Disney is in

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