Hollywood Celebrities Push Gun Control with #WearOrange Campaign

Hollywood Celebrities Push Gun Control with #WearOrange Campaign

A-list Hollywood celebrities, including John Legend, Julia Roberts, and Lin-Manuel Miranda, a former President turned Netflix film producer in Barack Obama, Democrat politicians, left-wing groups, and entire multimedia networks and studios from MTV and VH1 to WarnerMeida are pushing gun control with the #WearOrange campaign this weekend.

Bette Midler is one of the celebrities wearing orange. She tweeted, “It’s #WearOrange Weekend, when Americans come together virtually to show our support for victims and survivors of gun violence. Find a virtual event in your state by texting ORANGE to 644-33!”

Actress and Mike Bloomberg gun control-affiliate Julianne Moore shared her #wearorange message on Instagram.

Left-wing pop star Cher put forward a tweet on this gun control weekend as well, writing, “Guns are now the #1 cause of death for American kids.” Her tweet linked to a gun control film titled, “US Kids.”

Guns are now the

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