Hollywood Calls For Trump’s Arrest

Hollywood Calls For Trump’s Arrest

Hollywood stars are given their unwanted opinion yet again.

Celebrities immediately took to Twitter after the Capitol Hill siege and pressured authorities to impeach President Trump.

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They are using the Capitol siege as an excuse to impeach Trump and some are even calling for the authorities to arrest Trump.

Just take a look at these puppets:

Trump needs to be arrrested for inciting violence and leading a coup against the United States of America –
January 21 – go get him in Mara lago – no debate clear crimes –
Charge him-

— John Cusack (@johncusack) January 7, 2021

I hope we focus to impeach Trump so Congress has the constitutional authority to possibly disqualify him from future election—the #25thAmendment doesn’t disqualify him. He incited domestic terror—how much more violence needs to happen? This is terrorism.

— Lady Gaga (@ladygaga) January 8, 2021

It is time for the leaders of this country to invoke

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