Hillary Clinton Strikes At Trump: “Impeachable Offenses Committed On National Television Still Count”


Hillary Clinton, who has still not gotten over her 2016 loss, is eating up the whole Trump impeachment hype while it lasts.

Almost every day since the impeachment inquiry was launched by Nancy Pelosi, Crooked Hillary has taken her liberty with petty jabs at President Trump, like repeatedly calling him an “illegitimate president” on national television.

Now, it looks like Hillary has doubled down on making her fantasy at getting Trump impeached a reality and is calling Trump’s public request he made of the Ukraine and China to investigate Biden on TV yesterday an “impeachable offense.”

Here’s Killary’s latest tweet targeted at Trump:

Someone should inform the president that impeachable offenses committed on national television still count. https://t.co/ABObD2Ie4S

— Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) October 3, 2019

The “impeachable offenses” Hillary is referring to is, of course, this clip of Trump saying that the Ukraine and China should start an investigation into the Bidens:

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