High-tech traceable liquid helps Virginia cops nab break-in suspect

High-tech traceable liquid helps Virginia cops nab break-in suspect

He was caught wet-handed.

A burglary suspect was busted thanks to a high-tech security system — which sprayed him with an invisible liquid that cops can trace.

Virginia man Christopher Gaines, 52, was charged with burglary, felony petit larceny and wearing a mask to hide his identity in connection with the break-in at the Ettrick Deli on East River Road in South Chesterfield, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reported.

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He has become the first person in the state to be charged with a crime based on the use of the telltale liquid.

He was collared as a suspect after police used a special ultraviolet light to detect the liquid nanotechnology on his clothing, according to the newspaper.

The colorless, odorless substance, which people can use to mark their property, is coded with a forensic technology that contains a unique signature for each user — allowing it to be registered and traced.

It is undetectable unless exposed to ultraviolet light, which

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