Hey, Joe: It’s still the economy, stupid, not ‘junk fees’

Hey, Joe: It’s still the economy, stupid, not ‘junk fees’

If the adage “rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic” occasionally feels shopworn, it nevertheless captures the Biden administration’s efforts to soothe rising discontent among Americans whose economic pain is attributable to Biden’s own policy mismanagement.

With Biden’s re-election prospects sinking lower despite media efforts to bubble wrap him, that widespread discontent remains a leading reason.

The Biden administration’s narrative about so-called junk fees is a ploy to distract Americans from high inflation and accelerating economic headwinds.

Economic growth is grinding to a halt while inflation just doubled from the previous quarter despite premature Biden claims of “mission accomplished.” In fact, inflation hasn’t declined since June 2023. Elsewhere, mortgage rates are back above 7% and home ownership is now costlier than ever. Credit card debt and auto

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