Here’s Why Nobody’s Kids Need To Be Scared About Climate Change

Here’s Why Nobody’s Kids Need To Be Scared About Climate Change

My eight-month-old son has the cutest gummy grin. I know I’m biased — I’m sure your kids are cute, too — but it fills me with a joy I never imagined before becoming a mom. Like most moms, I’m fiercely protective. I take my maternal responsibilities seriously, balancing new experiences and challenges with guarding his health and safety. I want him to have the best chance at a healthy, fruitful, and joyful life.

Unfortunately, my son and his generation face an emotional threat few have dealt with before: joy-sapping environmental alarmism permeating the news media, pop culture, and even our schools. In the end, however, climate catastrophists won’t succeed at wiping that adorable grin off my son’s face. Here’s why.

In 2017, the American Psychological Association published a report on “eco-anxiety,” defined as a “chronic fear of environmental doom.” A recent article in the Lancet medical journal recognizes the gravity of the problem, especially for children, and says it

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