Here's why Biden played 'Despacito' from his phone at a Florida event

Here's why Biden played 'Despacito' from his phone at a Florida event

Joe Biden created a viral moment when he stepped to the lectern at a campaign event and started playing the hit Spanish song “Despacito” from his phone, but the playing of the song was not entirely unprompted.

The former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate has a history of playing songs from his phone recorded by artists appearing with him at a campaign event.

“I just have one thing to say. Hang on,” Biden said at his campaign event in Kissimmee, Florida, on Tuesday at an event celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, before holding his phone to a microphone and playing the hit 2017 song.

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Clips of the video circulated on social media, making “Despacito” a top trend on Twitter in the United States. The incident prompted mocking from those who accused Biden of pandering to Hispanic and Latino voters as President Trump makes gains among the demographic in polls.

Biden’s playing of the song, though, makes

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