Here’s what could happen if Trump is impeached again

Here’s what could happen if Trump is impeached again

The unprecedented impeachment effort that Congressional Democrats are mounting against President Trump — as he enters his final 10 days in office — is one for the record books.

If the majority-Dem House succeeds in its impeachment vote, which could occur as soon as Wednesday, they’ll win the right to call Trump the only twice-impeached president in American history — and not much else, experts say.

The Constitution provides for only two potential punishments if an impeached president is convicted by the Senate: removal from office and disqualification from future “office of honor, trust or profit under the United States,” according to Article I, Section 3.

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“An impeachment conviction that barred him from ever running again would be the least this democracy could do,” a Senate insider told The Post.

But even if the House convicts instantly, without performing any investigation or allowing any defense, the clock cuts against the possibility of conviction — because the Republican-led Senate will

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