HERE WE GO: Democrats Just Moved to BLOCK Additional Spending for Southern Border Wall


Democrats are united in their hatred for America.

That couldn’t be any clearer.

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The latest example comes by way of blocking additional funding to erect a stronger wall on the nation’s border to keep illegal aliens at bay.

From Daily Caller:

House Democrats introduced legislation that would block the Pentagon from reallocating money to border wall construction, an attempt to undercut President Donald Trump’s trademark campaign goal.

A defense spending bill introduced Tuesday by Democrats on the House Appropriations Committee not only gives the Department of Defense far less money than it requested, but also limits its authority to shift funds within its budget. The legislation comes after Democrats have grown enraged at the Pentagon for diverting funds toward border wall construction without first asking permission from Congress.


“This bill rejects the Trump administration’s budgetary gimmicks and sleights of hand and instead provides

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