Here Are the Errors of Roe v. Wade: Now SCOTUS Will Have a Chance to Fix It

Here Are the Errors of Roe v. Wade: Now SCOTUS Will Have a Chance to Fix It

The Supreme Court focusing on equity rather than justice is now about abusing and killing the innocent in their mothers’ wombs “lawfully” so that social and economic justice can be achieved for women.

The serious error in current abortion jurisprudence is the theory that women need to be freed from state laws protecting the unborn (Roe v. Wade) and from state laws that impose an “undue burden on a woman’s abortion right” (Planned Parenthood v. Casey).

But a state’s prenatal protection laws are not a burden on a right but rather a duty to protect a right. Pro-life laws are a righteous affirmation of a natural law duty to protect innocent life from unjust execution.

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An unreasonable guilt trip laid by the mother on an “unwanted” yet innocent daughter or son in her or his mother’s womb should never have been approved by any court.

Come Dec. 1, a more conservative Supreme Court must restore the integrity of its original constitutional mission to establish justice. It must renounce the ideologically fabricated equity that since Roe has facilitated the abortion of over 62 million American children in their mothers’ wombs.


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Sensible Supreme Court justices must invalidate those distortions of the Constitution that emerged from radically experimental political reformations driven by pop-up ideologies that trashed constitutional values.

The same blessings of liberty for our posterity as for ourselves — that was the commitment made in the Constitution’s preamble.

Justice for “our Posterity” was destroyed in the sexual revolution — not reformed as claimed. Abortion wrongs were revamped as putative rights tottering on shaky and experimental moral and ethical tenets nowhere to be found in the Constitution.

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The difference between the American Revolution and the sexual revolution remains critical.

One established in the name of freedom the principles of natural law justice as the basis of the Constitution.

The other attempted in the name of freedom to elevate sexual and social decadence and self-centered immorality above our inherent duty to provide natural law protection for children both in utero and en famille.

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