HBO’s ‘Mare Of Easttown’ Is The Best Mystery Of The Year

HBO’s ‘Mare Of Easttown’ Is The Best Mystery Of The Year

With its moody atmosphere and a phenomenal star turn, HBO’s “Mare of Easttown” is a phenomenal tale of intrigue, tragedy, and the challenging move toward acceptance.

In a dangerous Philadelphia town where everyone has their own secrets, one embittered detective, Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet), watches the ruins of her own life while attempting to solve the mystery of a disappearance of a young woman. When another teenaged girl winds up dead and hotshot detective Colin Zabel (Evan Peters) is brought in to help with the case, Mare’s dark past — along with those of her neighbors — is brought to lights as long-held secrets resurface and suspicion is directed everywhere.

The HBO series balances effective mystery with moving character study in an outstanding show. Mare is an extraordinarily well-drawn character; she is gruff and cold, holding onto deep trauma from her childhood and her son’s untimely passing a few years before the show. Winslet portrays the central

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