HAWORTH: Why The Democrat Plan For ‘Job Creation’ Doesn’t Add Up

HAWORTH: Why The Democrat Plan For ‘Job Creation’ Doesn’t Add Up

For many on the Left, government is the solution to all of our problems. In a similar fashion to Elizabeth Warren’s “I’ve got a plan for that,” the government is presented as a vague savior for every issue we face. Climate change? Poverty? Mental health? It doesn’t matter how general or specific the problem. Some form of government action is assumed to be the answer.

In addition, the hypothetical outcomes of such governmental proposals are used to justify the proposals themselves, providing a circular argument which avoids the need for factual evidence. One such example we see time after time is the presumed outcome of “job creation,” where politicians will describe vast expenditures as “investments” in “us” which will provide countless new jobs.

For example, when criticized for the much-maligned Green New Deal, Biden’s response has been to talk about the creation of “more than 10 million well-paying jobs.” Using the same logic, Bernie Sanders promised 20 million new jobs,

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