Hawley: Time to Start Trust-Busting Big Tech

Hawley: Time to Start Trust-Busting Big Tech

GOP Sen. Josh Hawley of Missouri is calling for a new round of trust-busting akin to that seen under President Teddy Roosevelt in the early 1900s, with modern-day targets including Big Tech and Major League Baseball.

Hawley’s message was timely, as company after company appears to be climbing on board the Democrats’ woke agenda and attempting to play an inappropriate role in politics.

“I think the last few weeks have made something very clear that has always been true in American history, and that is monopoly and liberty do not go together. Monopoly is the enemy of the people’s freedom,” Hawley said at a Tuesday news conference with Sens. Ted Cruz from Texas and Mike Lee from Utah.

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“That’s certainly true of Major League Baseball. It’s true of Big Tech. It’s true of the monopolies we see more and more across our economy,” he added. “When you have concentrations of economic

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