Has The Pope Been Arrested?

Has The Pope Been Arrested?

One of the things I pride myself on most when running this website is researching and only posting what I can truly verify.

And just like you, I’ve seen all the people claiming that the Pope has been arrested today on 80 counts of child sex trafficking.

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To begin, let me just say I am NO FAN of this Pope.

I think he’s truly despicable.

I’ve written about him many times, here, here, here, here and here just to name a few.

The story about the Pope was fueled by the Vatican going dark last night:

Vatican in black out after affidavit was leaked of the Italians involvement in US election Interference

RED 2?

Timing would fit.

May just be coincidental pic.twitter.com/whQNmRSUtc

— † Ady Betambeau (@adybetambeau) January 10, 2021

This statement came from Mr. Chin today, via his verified Twitter account. What's going on at the Vatican?#Blackout #Italy #Pakistan pic.twitter.com/pXrG3VvkrS

— Toronto Today (@Toronto__Today) January

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