Harvey Weinstein Appeals Sex Crimes Conviction In New York

Harvey Weinstein Appeals Sex Crimes Conviction In New York

On Monday, Harvey Weinstein’s lawyers submitted an appeal of their client’s conviction, stating various reasons as to why they believe Weinstein was not given a fair trial and is entitled to a new one.

At 166 pages, the legal document lays out the lawyers’ arguments, stating that the trial court that put Weinstein in jail was too “cavalier.”

They also point to one of the jurors in the trial that they argue should have been removed. The juror — Juror no. 11 — had previously written a fictional book that included predatory older men. The lawyers argued, “Juror No. 11 was unqualified to sit as a juror, notwithstanding any promise by her to be fair. In addition, based on the imminent publication of her book, she had a pecuniary motive to convict the defendant.”

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Weinstein’s lawyers also discussed the judge’s decision to permit testimony from women whose accusations did not result in charges in the New York case, as reported by The Associated

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