Harris says she’s working to address ‘root cause’ of border crisis

Harris says she’s working to address ‘root cause’ of border crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris on Thursday again emphasized that she is working to address the “root causes” of the illegal immigration crisis facing the US, insisting that people who make the arduous trek “don’t want to leave home” — despite having no first-hand experience surveilling the situation on the ground at the border.

Harris was asked to go into more detail on the administration’s response to the surge of illegal immigrants because President Biden didn’t offer a “concrete” plan during his first address to a joint-session of Congress Wednesday evening. 

“I am responsible for and have been taking on the responsibility of dealing with the root causes of migration. And here’s how I think about it. Listen, when you look at the Northern Triangle … you have to ask and realize that I think most people don’t want to leave home,” Harris said on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” 

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