HAPPY RAMADAN: Teachers Allegedly Asked to Bless Muslim Students in Arabic!

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Remember when liberals used to pat themselves on the back for being champions of separation of church and state, as laid out in the First Amendment?

Remember when they proudly wore atheism like a medal of honor and condemned Christianity as blasphemy against Science (with a captial ‘S’)?

At least back then they didn’t appear so hypocritical.

These days, liberals still act like Christianity is evil and oppressive, but they simultaneously support the religion that is perhaps the most truly patriarchal, tyrannical belief system in the world!

We’re talking about Islam, of course.

The so-called “religion of peace” seems to go against everything today’s liberals claim to believe, but for some reason they encourage it.

The left’s most recent, and I do say rather shocking and scary, attempt to force their admiration of Islam onto the rest of us allegedly occurred within a school district in Seattle, Washington.

The Dieringer School District has come under fire from Freedom of

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