Hantavirus, The New Covid-19?

Hantavirus, The New Covid-19?

A new virus has emerged…..

One that is surprisingly similar to Covid-19. The name of the virus which recently made its way into the human population via rodents is known as Hantavirus.

According to reports, the first documented case of Hantavirus in Michigan has been recorded, but there have been outbreaks of this virus in humans before.

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I wonder if this is just a coincidence or not?

Will this spiral into a huge pandemic like Covid? Personally, I don’t think so, Hantavirus is not known to spread via person to person contact. However, I am so weary of any type of story like this because of the events of the last two years.

A virus doesn’t spread through human to human contact until it does, so keep an eye on this one everybody….

Here is what we currently know:

The state of Michigan has confirmed its first-ever known case of Sin Nombre hantavirus, a disease

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