Hank Kunneman’s New Prophecy Over North America

Hank Kunneman’s New Prophecy Over North America

Often times, Pastor Hank Kunneman’s prophecies center around the United States.

Makes sense, that’s where he lives and where most of his audience lives.

But this one was different.

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In this one, God moved him to bring a word for all of North America.

Remember, USMCA?

United States, Mexico and Canada.

That was Pastor Hank’s prophetic word here, and it’s a great one.

You have to listen for yourself, but here’s a teaser: Trudeau will soon be GONE and in his place will be a someone who supports Christianity.

A strong bond will form between this new leader, the United States and Mexico.

It will come to be known as “North America The Great”.

I like the sound of that.

Please watch here to get the full message as only Pastor Hank can bring it:

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