Hank Kunneman: God’s Not Done With Trump Or Netanyahu!

Hank Kunneman: God’s Not Done With Trump Or Netanyahu!

Yesterday, I brought you the latest prophetic update from Pastor Hank Kunneman on President Trump and America.

Spoiler alert: it’s good!  And he’s not changing his message one bit!

Turns out there was a Part 2 to that message and I have it for you right here.

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This is about America and Israel, and specifically President Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Specifically, the message is that God is not recognizing the Bidan Regime nor is he done with Netanyahu.

And also the borders of Israel are about to expand!

Yes, you read that right.

Before I show you the clip, I am working to get Pastor Hank Kunneman on my show….would you like that?

Please comment below with a “YES” if you’d love to see Pastor Hank come on the Daily Truth Report!

I would love to interview him and more than that, I’d love to tell him we all stand with him and appreciate everything he is

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