Gun Test: Glock 44

Gun Test: Glock 44

Until December 2019 the only options for a rimfire “Glock” were either a conversion unit that mates a rimfire slide and barrel assembly to a stock Glock center-fire frame or one of the .22 pistols on the market from other manufacturers with a vaguely similar profile. But that all changed with Glock’s introduction of the .22 Long Rifle G44.

The external dimensions of the G44 are nearly identical to a Glock 19. One of the only visual indicators that you’re not looking at a center-fire Glock is where the barrel hood lies, which is well below the surface of the ejection port since the pistol is blowback-operated.

Why build a .22 that imitates the size of Glock’s compact 9 mm Luger? Because it’s the most popular handgun that the company makes, and Glock offers identically sized versions in .40 S&W, .357 SIG and .45 GAP.

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The G44 mimics the external dimensions of a center-fire Glock, but, internally was designed from the ground up as a .22 Long Rifle—and no, for those who are wondering, the G44 top end will not slip right onto a G19 frame.

Making a functional version of a center-fire semi-automatic handgun in .22 rimfire

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