Gun Test: 9mm Rock Island TAC

Gun Test: 9mm Rock Island TAC

By Patrick Sweeney, Gun Digest

Grazing off hi-cap Para magazines, the 9mm Rock Island TAC series keeps plenty on tap for anything that goes bump in the night.

Why The Rock Island TAC Series Is An Ideal Home-Defense Pistol:

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Utilizing Para Ordinance magazines, the pistol can potentially 22-rounds of 9mm on tap. A weighty 3-pounds, the all-steel 1911 is extremely mild to shoot, even with +P loads. Its lightweight trigger is easy to manage and accurate to boot. G10 grips keep your hands tightly in control. Boasting a magazine funnel, the pistol is lightning fast to reload. An accessories rail lets you tack on a light for nighttime work.

One of the “evergreen” tactical problems that some obsess over is how and when to do a proper reload. Entire book chapters have been devoted to this subject, as well as countless magazine articles.

After all, it would be most embarrassing to be standing at the pearly gates, trying to explain to Saint Peter, “Well, I would have done all right if I’d just had another round or two to use.” The mockery you’d receive from those behind you in line who “knew” they would have done

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