Guatemala protesters tell Kamala Harris ‘Trump won’ and ‘go home’

Guatemala protesters tell Kamala Harris ‘Trump won’ and ‘go home’

Vice President Kamala Harris was greeted Monday by a group of protesters in Guatemala telling her “Trump won” and “go home.”

The rally was visible to Harris’ motorcade as she arrived to meet with Guatemala President Alejandro Giammattei on curbing illegal migration.

“Kamala, Trump won,” read a large sign near the Central American country’s presidential palace.

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“Kamala, Mind Your own Business,” another sign said, according to a pool report.

Images posted to Twitter show other signs, including one that says to President Biden’s migration czar: “Kamala, Go Home.”

Another large sign set up by activists features a doctored photo of a pregnant Harris.

The poster says, “Guatemala is pro-life #momalahelpme.” Harris does not have biological children.

Vice President Kamala Harris was met with signs telling her to “go home.”@eInuevoestado/Twitter Protesters holding up a up sign saying “Trump won” waited for Vice President Kamala Harris outside Guatemala’s presidential [email protected]/Twitter

Another sign that appears to have been hoisted by

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