Group Of Texas Bar Owners Sue State Over Closures Amid Coronavirus Case Surge

Group Of Texas Bar Owners Sue State Over Closures Amid Coronavirus Case Surge

Following Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s order for bars to close amid a surge in coronavirus cases, a group of bar owners filed lawsuits against the state, alleging the order violates the state constitution and unfairly targets bars, according to the Associated Press.

Abbott ordered bars to be shut down Friday across the state for a second time and for restaurants to scale back their operating capacity after a record-high number of hospitalizations Thursday. He also linked the spike in cases to the reopening of bars in May, according to the Associated Press.

The concerning trend followed into Monday, when Texas reported nearly 6,000 coronavirus hospital patients, a record high, although the number of additional confirmed cases was below 5,000 for the first time in a week. (RELATED: Abbott Orders Texas Bars To Close Again Amid Coronavirus Surge)

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The governor’s order closed businesses that make at least 51% of their revenue from alcohol sales, which the bar owners allege target bars while allowing businesses like salons and tattoo studios to continue operations. 

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