‘Gran Torino’ Co-Star Tries To Retroactively Cancel Film, Calls It ‘Insensitive’

‘Gran Torino’ Co-Star Tries To Retroactively Cancel Film, Calls It ‘Insensitive’

Clint Eastwood flexed his box office muscle, again, with his 2008 smash “Gran Torino.”

Eastwood directed and starred as Walt, a cranky veteran spending his golden years slinging racial slurs at his multi-ethnic neighbors, especially Hmong residents.

When a local gang threatens both Walt and said neighbors, though, the old timer pushes past his racist feelings to put his life on the line for them. 

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The film gave Eastwood another hit, generating $148 million at the U.S. box office along with mostly glowing reviews. The film’s Rotten Tomatoes score stands at a strong 81 percent “fresh,” while general audiences offered up a 90 percent approval rating.

The UK Independent marveled at how Eastwood, in his late 70s at the time, showcased an older character growing beyond his bigoted ways.

Now, an Asian actor who co-starred alongside Eastwood in the film, the kind of opportunity any actor would cherish, says “Gran Torino” helped contribute to anti-Asian sentiment. 

Bee Vang

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