GRAHAM: The Wild CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ Gossip

GRAHAM: The Wild CBS ‘Sunday Morning’ Gossip

On Palm Sunday, Christians celebrate the arrival of Jesus in Jerusalem to great fanfare and celebration. But for CBS News, Palm Sunday is an occasion to throw wild, tabloidish allegations at the Catholic Church.

“Sunday Morning” host Jane Pauley began the program saying: “Today is Palm Sunday, the start of Christianity’s Holy Week. Catholic priests take the leading role in their parishes, of course, even as a long-hidden issue within their ranks is coming out of the shadows.”

Gay reporter Seth Doane explained: “Earlier this month, the Vatican confirmed priests cannot bless same-sex partnerships. But within this closed-off institution, there is an open secret.”

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“How many gay priests do you think there are?” he asked James Martin, a Jesuit priest and LGBT activist within the church. Martin said: “If it was 40%, I wouldn’t be surprised. If it was 80%, I wouldn’t be surprised.”

This is not a poll or a study. This is a guess — from someone who clearly wants to

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