Governor Of Pennsylvania Says No To Reopening Restaurants At Full Capacity

Governor Of Pennsylvania Says No To Reopening Restaurants At Full Capacity

Democratic Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf shot down a bill that would have relaxed restrictions on restaurants, Fox News reported.

The bill was forwarded by the state’s majority-Republican legislature in late September and would’ve given restaurateurs the discretion to increase their dining capacity, according to Fox News.

The Pennsylvania GOP did not seek to eliminate social distancing or barrier requirements, but they did intend to do away with a requirement that forced patrons to purchase a meal if they wanted an alcoholic beverage, Fox reported.

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“This bill jeopardizes public health and safety as it permits to eating establishments, including restaurants, bars, clubs and banquet halls, to operate, at 100% capacity, without having to follow any mitigation guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) or the Commonwealth,” Wolf wrote to the House.

Today, @GovernorTomWolf signed HB 2487, temporarily freezing cost-of-living salary adjustments for certain public officials, including the governor, and vetoed HB 2513, a bill that endangers public health by allowing full restaurant capacity amid COVID-19.

— Office of the Governor (@GovernorsOffice) October 16, 2020

“By eliminating these critical protections, in addition to removing certain limits related to bar service and purchasing of alcoholic

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