Gov. Abbott says Biden, Dems spreading Texas voting bill ‘misinformation’

Gov. Abbott says Biden, Dems spreading Texas voting bill ‘misinformation’

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is calling on President Biden to stop denouncing and spreading “misinformation” about a sweeping election reform bill backed by Lone Star State Republicans.

In a video posted Tuesday evening to Twitter, the governor began by remarking on the commander-in-chief previously accusing him of “neanderthal thinking” for reopening his state earlier this year.

“It turned out he was wrong,” Abbott said.

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“Well, now President Biden is calling Texas names again,” he continued, “This time, he’s chastising us for making it easy to vote but hard to cheat. And once again, President Biden ignores the facts.”

“The fact is that Texas is passing a law that expands not reduces the hours of early voting,” the GOPer added, “That’s more than many states, including President Biden’s home state of Delaware, which has zero hours of early voting.”

He also noted that the law will help prevent mail-in ballot fraud and “uphold the integrity of our elections and ensure

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