Got crypto? Here are 3 debit cards that let you spend your stack

Got crypto? Here are 3 debit cards that let you spend your stack

As blockchain technology and the public’s awareness of cryptocurrency continues to grow, a range of new use cases a coming to market and enhancing the efficacy of legacy financial systems.

Despite its many applications, the original use case for Bitcoin (BTC) as a medium of exchange remains one of the most fundamental applications of blockchain technology and while BTC might not be the best asset to use for payments, there are service providers who have eased the process of settling transactions in other cryptocurrencies.

For now, the most widely accepted way to use cryptocurrencies for direct payments in everyday life is through the use of crypto debit cards which allow users to convert their crypto holdings into U.S. dollars. They essentially work in the same way that a prepaid debit does.

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With institutions showing an increased interest in the growing cryptocurrency sector and mainstream awareness of blockchain technology at its highest level ever, crypto debits cards are increasing in prevalence as new

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