GOP senator proposes declaring Big Tech ‘common carriers’ to stop censorship

GOP senator proposes declaring Big Tech ‘common carriers’ to stop censorship

WASHINGTON — Tennessee Republican Sen. Bill Hagerty on Tuesday introduced new anti-Big Tech legislation intended to bolster the principle of free speech after censorship of news stories, including articles published by The Post.

The 21st Century FREE Speech Act seeks to stop censorship by companies like Facebook and Twitter by declaring the platforms “common carriers,” a term also used for companies like railroads that must transport goods without discrimination.

Hagerty’s bill also would require transparency in moderation practices and repeal Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which grants internet companies immunity for most third-party content.

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“Americans today communicate and consume information using dominant, ubiquitous technology platforms that function as common carriers,” Hagerty said.

“Yet, instead of being accountable to the people, this public square is owned by Big Tech corporations that use opaque, inconsistent practices to control the information presented to and discussed by the American people.”

Hagerty said that the “principles” of the First Amendment, which limits

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