GOP Hammers Dems In New Ad For MLB All-Star Game: Atlanta Was ‘Robbed’

GOP Hammers Dems In New Ad For MLB All-Star Game: Atlanta Was ‘Robbed’

The Republican National Committee (RNC) is running an ad during Tuesday’s MLB All-Star Game in Denver hammering Democrats who “stole” the game from Atlanta.

The ad, released Monday, is part of a larger Republican effort to hit Democrats for spreading falsehoods about Georgia’s election reform efforts and pushing businesses and athletes to protest GOP policies. The RNC is putting seven figures into pushing out the ad to the MLB audience, according to Fox News.

“This was supposed to be Atlanta’s night. But we were robbed,” Former Georgia House Rep. Melvin Everson (R) says in the ad. “Democrats stole our All-Star game to push their divisive political agenda. Politicians and corporations lied while black communities got hurt the most even though a majority of black voters support laws like voter I.D. To Democrats, it’s just a game, but we’re the ones who got played.”

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Over the weekend, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp (R) debuted a reelection campaign ad slamming Democrats, and in

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