GOP fundraising arm hits back against blue-state AGs for 'troubling' hypocrisy

GOP fundraising arm hits back against blue-state AGs for 'troubling' hypocrisy

The Republican online fundraising conduit WinRed is filing a complaint in United States District Court requesting legal relief from an inquiry into its business practices by four Democratic state attorneys general, arguing it is politically motivated harassment.

Attorneys general for Connecticut, Maryland, Minnesota, and New York are accusing WinRed of violating state laws by using pre-checked, recurring donation boxes to raise money for Republican candidates and groups utilizing the platform. But WinRed research revealed Democratic entities rely on the same practice, including campaign organizations for three of four attorneys general behind the inquiry.

Officials claim that proves the effort is political — a scheme to hamstring WinRed and undermine Republican fundraising ahead of 2022.

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“Four Democrat Attorneys General are exploiting their positions of power for partisan gain and targeting WinRed for fundraising tactics that Democrats themselves pioneered and still use to this day,” WinRed said in a statement first shared with the Washington Examiner. “While pursuing

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