Google-Funded Orgs Declare 'Disinformation' a 'Threat to Free Speech'

Google-Funded Orgs Declare 'Disinformation' a 'Threat to Free Speech'

A coalition of “human rights” organizations, many of them funded by Google, have written an open letter to President Joe Biden urging the creation of a “Disinformation Defense and Free Expression Task Force.”

Congratulating Biden on his “impressive first hundred days” as President, the “coalition of human rights, free speech, democracy, and technology organizations” recommends the creation of a federal interagency task force to contain what the organizations describe as the “clear and present threat” of disinformation.

In the letter, published by Axios, the organizations call disinformation a threat to “democracy,” and blame it for the Capitol riot.

As we think about the next four years, we are keenly aware of the challenge the rampant spread of disinformation poses to our nation. The prevalence of deceptions, propaganda, and conspiracy theories related to the 2020 election, COVID-19, and the recent Capitol insurrection illustrates the clear and present threat that

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