Goldman Sachs Alum to Inject $100 Million Into Crypto

Goldman Sachs Alum to Inject $100 Million Into Crypto

Goldman Sachs alum Mike Novogratz is preparing to invest $100 million into crypto-based projects through his crypto-venture firm.

Co-founded in 2018 by Mike Novogratz and business partner Christian Angermayer, Malta-based Cryptology Asset Group is a leading investment company for blockchain and crypto-related businesses in Europe. 


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In a report released on Thursday, the company announced that it’s ready to support crypto venture funds and businesses globally by focusing on investments in first-time funds, emerging managers, seed rounds and GP stakes. 

Holding 85% of his multi-billion-dollar fortune in crypto, Mike Novogratz is a firebrand in the space. As a former executive at Goldman Sachs, Novogratz founded his wealth management firm Galaxy Digital in 2018. It currently manages over $1.5 billion. 

His continued efforts to support the cryptocurrency space with Cryptology are in line with a rapid shift toward digital assets, according to Cryptology CEO Patrick Lowry. Over the past three years, Cryptology increased its total capital from $33 million to over $540 million, as of June

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