Glimpse Of Toy Gun In Student’s Home Prompts School Officials To Call Police

Glimpse Of Toy Gun In Student’s Home Prompts School Officials To Call Police

There is little “normal” about how students are returning to school this year, as online “distance learning” has replaced in-person instruction in many American localities. Yet at least one thing hasn’t changed: public school officials remain as determined as ever to harry and persecute any student who shows even the mildest interest in firearms, real or imagined.

An article in the Washington Post indicates the trouble arose on Aug. 27, the third day of distance learning at Grand Mountain School near Colorado Springs, Colo. Seventh grader Isaiah Elliott – whose parents say has been diagnosed with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder – became distracted during an online art class and briefly handled a toy pistol, moving it from one end of the couch to the other. The gun “was obviously a toy,” according to the article, marked “Zombie Hunter” and equipped with a neon green slide and a protruding orange tip.

The art teacher, who acknowledged thinking the gun was fake, nevertheless relayed the incident to the school’s vice-principal. She also emailed Isaiah’s mother, Dani Elliott, who assured the teacher that the gun was a toy and that she would make sure Isaiah understood he could not have it out during

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