Glaring Hole In Trump Impeachment?

Glaring Hole In Trump Impeachment?

The K.O. Punch!

President Trump did NOT incite the violence on January 6th, and we all know that, but Democrats love political theatre, so here we are.

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According to Senator Mike Lee, a specific exchange he had with Jamie Raskin on the house floor is proof positive that this case has no merit.

Democrats are clowning around as always, and simply trying to push America’s drama button.

Take a look:

"Today, this is the day that I call the day of truth…" – @JasonMillerinDC previews former President Trump's impeachment defense.

— Trump War Room (@TrumpWarRoom) February 12, 2021

Fox News reported: 

That does not appear to true if the suggestion is that Lee confirmed the content of the call in the article.

The source for the House managers was a story in Deseret News that only describes the miscall and awkward moment before Lee grabbed

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