Giant Chinese rocket’s debris could crash down in New York

Giant Chinese rocket’s debris could crash down in New York

A massive piece of Chinese space junk is unpredictably circling Earth and could rain debris down on New York or another metropolitan area in the next few days, scientists warned.

The 21-ton object is the core stage of one of China’s largest rockets, the Long March 5B, which had launched the first module for the country’s space station, Space News reported.

When the core component separated from the rest of the rocket, the remaining portion was supposed to take a predetermined path that would send it falling into the ocean.

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Instead, it is orbiting unpredictably.

There are several possible places where debris that survives re-entry into Earth’s atmosphere could crash down — including New York, Madrid and Beijing in the Northern Hemisphere and southern Chile and Wellington, New Zealand, in the Southern Hemisphere, the outlet reported.

A Long March 5B rocket blasting through the sky.STR/AFP via Getty Images

Astronomer Jonathan McDowell said it’s unlikely that large pieces will survive

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