Germany celebrates couch potatoes as COVID-19 heroes

Germany celebrates couch potatoes as COVID-19 heroes

Germany is cheering its homebound couch potatoes for helping fight against the coronavirus pandemic — by doing “absolutely nothing.”

The federal government hailed all lazy medi-taters in an online video titled “#special heroes – Together against corona,” Deutsche Welle reported.

The short clip features an elderly man recalling his “service” to the nation when he was a young student “in the winter of 2020, when the whole country’s eyes were on us.”

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“I had just turned 22 and was studying engineering when the second wave hit,” the narrator says. “At this age, you want to party, study, get to know people, go for drinks with friends… Yet fate had different plans for us.”

The video then switches to the narrator as a youngster, saying with dramatic music in the background: “An invisible danger threatened everything we believed in.”

He continues: “Suddenly the fate of this country lay in our hands — so, we mustered all our courage and did

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