Geraldo Rivera Opens Up About "Heartfelt Phone Call" He Had With President Trump Over Election

Geraldo Rivera Opens Up About “Heartfelt Phone Call” He Had With President Trump Over Election

On Friday, Fox News commentator Geraldo Rivera opened up about a personal phone call that he had with President Donald Trump about the 2020 election and the path forward.

“Just had heartfelt phone call w friend @realDonaldTrump who said he’s a ‘realist’ who’ll do the ‘right thing,’” Rivera tweeted. “But he wants to see ‘what states do in terms of certifiction (etc).’ He sounded committed to fighting for every vote & if he loses, talking more about all he’s accomplished.”

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Rivera continued by explaining President Trump’s frustrations with how he has been treated over the past four years.

@POTUS seemed particularly aggrieved by the savage attacks on his presidency from the minute he was elected,” Rivera continued. “He reserved special scorn for the phony Russia hoax & Pelosi-driven phony #Impeachment. He asked me what I knew about #DominionVotingSystems which I promised to check out.”

“He seemed like a heavyweight champion who is behind in points

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