Georgian Government Embraces Blockchain to Promote Its Wines Globally

Georgian Government Embraces Blockchain to Promote Its Wines Globally

As Georgia seeks to bring its millennia-old wine industry into the 21st century, it is collaborating with blockchain platform Wiv to put the nation’s winemakers in front of a global audience of wine collectors, producers, and merchants.

Move Brings Wines and Accompanying Provenance to Blockchain

Although not well-known on the global wine stage, Georgia has a long and storied history of wine production that dates back more than 8,000 years. Much of the winemaking techniques remain unchanged for millennia, with producers still employing traditional methods that involve clay storage vessels during the maturation process, known as a kveri, instead of wooden barrels.

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Today, the country boasts approximately 525 grape varietals and more than 1,800 producers, with wine exports reaching 94 million bottles in 2019. To modernize the industry and engage with the growing global community of wine producers and consumers, the Georgian government has selected Wiv to bring its wine industry into the blockchain ecosystem.

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