Georgetown University sues U.S. govt. for not giving coronavirus money to illegal alien students

Georgetown University sues U.S. govt. for not giving coronavirus money to illegal alien students

Leftists at Georgetown University, like the Democrats they are beholden to, want the American taxpayer to subsidize lawbreaking again, this time in the form of coronavirus relief payments to illegal immigrant students.

As reported by Campus Reform, an advocacy group linked to the institution’s law school – no irony there – is suing the Trump administration for excluding non-citizens from receiving financial assistance that citizens largely paid for.

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The misnamed Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection claims in its complaint, filed alongside a similar suit by Villanova Law Prof. Leslie Book, that withholding the taxpayer-funded assistance was an “intentional and discriminatory exclusion of U.S. citizen children” that was “based solely on the fact that one or both of their parents are undocumented immigrants,” according to a press release.

The complaint goes on to say that individual payments made under the CARES Act are restricted to people who pay taxes and have a Social Security number. But because illegal immigrants don’t have a Social Security number but instead have only an individual taxpayer-identification number, “U.S. citizen children of undocumented immigrants do not receive the $500 economic impact payments specifically intended for children,” the complaint reads.

That said, Andrew Arthur, the Center for Immigration Studies Resident Fellow in Law and Policy, countered that the suits are misguided and that redress efforts should be directed towards Congress. 

He believes that Congress, and not the administration, likely decided on the restrictions to individual payments under the coronavirus relief measure, and that only people with Social Security numbers were included to cut back on fraud.

He also noted the fact that the matter was brought up during the congressional debates over the bill, as the original complaint states.

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“It ought to be handled legislatively,” Arthur argued.

Not everyone agrees, of course.

“It is an absolute outrage that we are relying on immigrant families to care for our loved ones and provide essential supplies and yet denying their children the support they are entitled to as U.S. citizens,” Nicholas Kantz, senior manager of legal services for CASA, a non-profit, pro-[illegal] immigrant group.

But if those kids were legal American citizens, then they’d have Social Security numbers – right? 

Because if they were just ‘made legal’ by President Obama’s very illegal DACA executive order, they’re not really ‘legal’ and they’re not really citizens. 

As for DACA, the fate of the program lies in the hands of the U.S. Supreme Court; a ruling is expected in June. 

President Trump tried to end it by executive order the same way Obama created it, but for some reason, he wasn’t ‘allowed’ – so now, the Supreme Court will decide the matter.

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