General Flynn: Americans Must “Revisit The Original Plan”

General Flynn: Americans Must “Revisit The Original Plan”

I couldn’t agree more.

General Flynn says that we really need to go back to the original vision that our forefathers intended for us, and he is right on the money.

We have all seen and read the countless stories detailing the corruption, the big government bureaucracy, and the D.C. ineptitude.

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America was going the wrong way before Biden, but Biden sure isn’t helping things.

What happened to the days of liberty, self-reliance, and small government?

We used to champion values centered around liberty. The only thing I see going on now is the unlimited growth of government.

Check it out:

This is another case of general Flynn. They had nothing on him and yet they arrested him. They have more on Biden yet they do nothing. Clear partisan Hackett going on here.

— Adie Tabs (@tabonefamily) May 1, 2021

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