Gen. Flynn: You’re About To See “Some Real Bombshells”

Gen. Flynn: You’re About To See “Some Real Bombshells”

The hosts of Flashpoint interviewed Gen. Flynn yesterday and what he had to say was interesting to say the least.

In the interview Gen. Flynn started out by saying Arizona’s Secretary of State who has been on record denouncing the ongoing audit in Arizona has allegedly received over $3 million dollars from private organizations like Facebook.

Flynn then changed directions and followed that statement up by saying that the entire freedom loving world has it’s eyes on Maricopa County.

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He then got straight to business and gave us predictions and was quoted saying “My assessment is that in the next probably 3 to 4 weeks – maybe less, but certainly 3 to 4 weeks – we’re gonna see out of Arizona and out of a couple other places, probably Georgia, we’re gonna see some real bombshells”.

The entire show is great but Gen Flynn and Byrne are on the last 30ish minutes.
A great interview!

FlashPoint: The Turnaround! Donald

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