Gen Alpha Loves to Use YouTube Over Streaming Services: Here's Why That's a Bad Thing

Gen Alpha Loves to Use YouTube Over Streaming Services: Here’s Why That’s a Bad Thing

Baby boomers got the first color televisions. Gen X received the most nascent, dial-up version of the internet. Millennials saw the advent of smartphones, which are basically supercomputers that fit in your pocket. Gen Z has seen the rise of social media platforms and lightning-fast broadband.

It’s not clear what technological advancements in media, if any, Gen Alpha will enjoy (maybe virtual reality?), but there is an upside to being the recipient of years of technological advances — as opposed to being there for the innovation itself: When it comes to using said technology, your options are well-developed and nigh endless.

So how does Gen Alpha utilize the unlimited technology at its fingertips?

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Mostly by watching YouTube.

On Monday, Variety reported on the findings of

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