Furious Pence to GOP pol after Capitol siege: ‘After all I’ve done’

Furious Pence to GOP pol after Capitol siege: ‘After all I’ve done’

Vice President Mike Pence expressed anger about President Trump to a Republican senator after the commander-in-chief made the veep a target of the angry crowds that stormed the Capitol for simply following the Constitution’s rules regarding the Electoral College vote certification.

Speaking to Tulsa World after the shocking series of events unfolded Wednesday, Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) revealed that he had spoken to the vice president — and that he was furious.

“I’ve known Mike Pence forever. I’ve never seen Pence as angry as he was today,” the Oklahoma Republican told the outlet.

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“I had a long conversation with him. He said, ‘After all the things I’ve done for him,’” referring to Trump.

A spokesperson for the vice president did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment on the matter.

In his capacity as vice president, Pence was presiding over proceedings to certify the Electoral College results, a process that was expected to see some chaos of its own,

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