Fund roads and bridges, not this infrastructure bill

Fund roads and bridges, not this infrastructure bill

President Joe Biden’s odd proposition is that Congress ought to pass an infrastructure bill that has almost nothing to do with infrastructure.

It’s unfortunate because there has long been a bipartisan understanding that an infrastructure bill will be needed at some point. Former President Donald Trump promised to tackle it. Former President Barack Obama had tried to address the issue but learned the hard way that “shovel-ready” projects are often anything but.

Biden’s new $2.3 trillion package is that it isn’t so much an infrastructure bill as it is an attempt to reshape a perfectly healthy economy into something suboptimal at best and more ideological at worst.

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As Sen. Marsha Blackburn, a Tennessee Republican, has pointed out, “not even 6%” of the package is dedicated to updating roads and bridges. This bill, the latest installment of a combined $8 trillion in extraordinary pandemic-era spending, is not so much a genuine infrastructure measure as it is cover

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