Fulton County Lawsuit Amended Due To NEW EVIDENCE Surfacing

Fulton County Lawsuit Amended Due To NEW EVIDENCE Surfacing

We have been hearing that “new” evidence is coming soon.

Could this be it?

Georgia is brimming with evidence of election fraud, and I think it won’t be too soon before we get some concrete answers about the fraud which occurred.

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These new reports are alleging that there is “provable, and irrefutable evidence” that can absolutely prove that fraud did happen in Georgia, and the lawsuit had to be amended to include this new evidence.

I don’t know about you, but that sounds pretty promising to me!

Let’s take a look at this newest development:

“After doing the math, Biden’s margin of victory shrinks by 2,525 votes.”

This is just from evidence uncovered from examining Georgia's sham RECOUNT, imagine when the full forensic audit takes place!https://t.co/29RkhYnYrk

— Liz Harrington (@realLizUSA) July 14, 2021

FULTON COUNTY, GA: @VoterGa presents evidence of duplicate scanned batches uncovered from ballot images obtained from lawsuit. Identical markings/writing prove ballots counted

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